Welcome to the extended Stone Family, the ancestors and descendants of Peter John Stone, 
born Townsville, 15 November 1943, now residing in Victoria, Australia.

The STONE FAMILY HISTORY is represented on computer and CD-ROM in http format. 
The family history is a private site and is not loaded to the internet, with the exception of the following general interest pages.

Contact Peter for further access or query. 


Peter in Singapore 1948-1950

Childhood Memories of Singapore - An Essay

Photographs of Early Singapore - 1948-1959:   By Dick Stone...........By Peter Stone

Dick Stone's art - Wallace Beery as Pancho Villa. 

Finding Pop's Art - the extraordinary sculptures and cake decorations of Hans Christen (grandfather to Peter Stone).

Universal Postal Union Monument at Bern, Switzerland.

Carlton - Our home and the Inner Circle Line



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